Saturday, October 31, 2009


I gotta say this image makes a man secret is awesome...

Friday, October 30, 2009

My thought progression- exert from my personal notes and thoughts

Does anybody else see the mental progression of thoughts here????

There comes a point in everyones life when they have held back there words long enough. Seriously I've had enough. 
So here's to clearing my head of you...

I miss you, I do, I miss you a lot, but I've come to see that everything worked out for the best. You are happier, I barely hear from you, but I won't say anything to you because you are happy. I want to see you and hang out with you but I know better than to believe that I'll actually see you. I'm glad you are happy and doing your thing. I'm not mad, sad, bitter, or upset about anything. I know you probably feel like I'll never let somethings go. I already have. You just haven't spoken to me long enough to find out. I miss you but not in a romantic way. I miss the friend I made back when I first met you. Back when nobody would hang out with you really.
I remember you telling me about how the girls wouldn't so much as come get you at times when they got together. I didn't feel sorry for you, I actually liked you for YOU. I will admit I was slightly attracted but that was skin if you know what I mean. You were my friend, I liked that. I wish we could still be friends like we were and hang out, but I understand your busy with your friends and your family and work and school. So am I, but would it kill you to text me once in a while? You used to everyday, now I wouldn't know if a cake landed on your house and swallowed you whole.

I miss my friend Jessica that's all. It's like you break up with me but in reality you severed all ties to me. Is that what you truly meant? I remember saying to you everythings going back to the way it's was before me. Like I never even existed and honestly that's how I feel. 

The when I was with you, I was happy at first. Then I began to feel like nobody to you, you started getting mad at me for wanting to hang out with you like we always did, reason being is because your friends were calling to hang out more often. The whole deal with him, I'll leave alone because no matter how I explain it you'll never see it how I saw it. To be honest I don't care about that shit anyway.
I'm nobody to you now. It hurts because when you say "my friends" it's like I'm not one of them. I'm just some guy you dated for a little while and dumped. I'm literally nobody and honestly you hurt me in two ways. The first was that you moved on and I knew the day we ended everything. The second was the fact that everything that I believed had some common meaning to you and I was always looked over and forgotten. Like I meant nothing...

So there that's the ever lasting scar you left on me. This...this scar, makes me feel like I didn't even affect you. Like I was nothing more than a speck of dust on your shoulder. Like was nothing to get with and nothing to shake off and move on from. Although I will say the last three months were more than what I asked for...nevermind I don't even know why I typed this. You are happy and...and I want you to stay that way. No you don't call, or text, even respond normally for that matter, but I don't want you to start speaking to me out of guilt or because I said something about it. I'd much rather you spoke to me becuase you want to speak to me. Or hang out with me because you actually want to hang out with me, not because I opened my mouth. That would show that on some level I am somebody to you...



I gotta say Im not there at night. Who knows you may miss my phone calls...I'm not there you may miss riding in my car...I'm not there who knows, you might miss me showing up at your office...I'm not there who knows you might actually miss me at be honest I would never might still have that picture of me on your desk (I highly doubt it but hey)...I wouldn't know I'm not there I may have left a scar...if I did I hope it heals soon...I would never know, damn...I hope you do miss me on some level...but like I said I'm not there, I would never truly know...      

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Call me weird but I enjoyed watching this, made me laugh...


I smiled again...

It's time to change. I think....I think I'm ready to face myself. I have been so busy keeping the world at bay of who I am and why I am the way I am. My life's most recent turn of events have changed me but only for the better. At first I used them as a crutch, today I realized I shouldn't that I wasn't being who my mother raised me to be. I can safely say that I'm ready to grow and be the man I should be. I'm so ready...I think and believe and feel that today, 10-29-2009, was a day that had me down and depressed, dear lord I felt so very lonely. I won't lie I missed having someone special in my life but I also realize why they aren't here and that if I want to ever find that person whom I can spend my time with other than friends then, I need to do me and be consistent about being me and remaining who I am through that relationship. I understand my flaws and this period in my life is about me preserving who it is that I am. I gotta say I believe I'm ready for trial and error, failing isn't an option but a lesson to be learned from so that I can come back and learn from it. :)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How to make Turtle Smile :)

A friend of mine and fellow poet created these images of my writings. I GOTTA SAY THEY ARE AWESOME!!! Loved them enough to post them :)

Thanks GLO! :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Men, The Cycle, My Dreams

The men, the cycle, my dreams

It's crazy how fathers side of the family works. It seems like my father has entered a vicious cycle that I think I'm doomed to repeat. My father doesn't speak to his father for he doesn't like him. From what I understand my grandfather is the same way. Each distancing themselves from there roots. I'm not sure if it's because of shame or anger or both or more. I fear I am falling into that trap. Each male is disowning their individual backgrounds and taking on a new identity. Why is it that I am the same way? The way I grew up. Each grew up with a male present but not one they respected or even looked up to. None have any pride in who they are. I can't let this continue.

These fears distance me from ever having kids. My father is many things I never ever want to be like. My grandfather the same way. I don't want to have children or even a relationship until I have made myself the man I want to be. So with that said I give up on love, relationships, hopes of marriage, having children of my own, and starting my own family. 

I have many things I need to fix at home first. After I fix that I have to be the man that I see myself as. Once these goals are accomplished I can then begin to fathom the possibility of those ideals and dreams listed above. 

I think I can...Wait!..NO!...I KNOW I can do this...

-Hazey aka Turtle 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today was probably one of the best days I've had in such a long time... Damn I missed days like this...

Seriously it's like today was the day I transitioned from being a boy to the man that I will one day become. I'm prideful, heartfilled and my head is clear. My shoulders are back and my eyes focused.

Today I went to starship headquarters, bunch of freaks geeks and weirdos in that mothafucka(hahahah) gotta say it was a waste of time but the day was awesome. I mean after basically taking a math test for a job that would later inform me that they had no open positions available, I felt good. Me and Jb came back from Eastpoint and kicked it with the dominincans. Well Justin and troy got into a fight. Yeah Justin didn't really lose Troy hit him all of once, but he had Justin leakin everywhere. Hood shit ye digg, right after Troy claims his bullshit ass win they smoke a blunt and things are cool. Well not really we basically all chill and everythings good you know? Me, jb, Justin, and anthony we all chill cop a few grams for ant and keep it moving. One of my other exes, Sarai wants me to come chill and burn one with her. It's all good ye digg, I hadn't chilled with niggas up the block in years. I kick it with her and her brother whom I've never til today. He was cool, I gotta say I ain't hard to get along with (as long as emotions aren't involved). So she tells me she has a friend for's days like this that make a man laugh so very hard from such a wonderful place inside. Anyway we chill I head back to the house and tesha hitting me up talkin bout her ex boyfriend woke her saying the following and I quote "your phones in the woods, your shits in the van I'm taking you to the gas station and leaving you there...diiiiaaaabbbbllloooooo!!! So I'm still hype off the fight from earlier in the day and kickin ass is something a niggas itching for! Real talk Joe! So I tell her call me in two hours. She gets around to calling me three hours later. Now understand this girl has been through some shit in her life. She has no one anymore. This mothafucka leaves her at a gas station with no phone and no money. I don't care what she did, stranding her like that will not look good when you are finally judged by the Lord. Anyhow l go back to mikes and eveyone is there. It's so great to see Dee, Karen, Judy, Rachel, Micheal, Justin, Andrew and Miguel in the same place at yeah same time. I won't lie with the death of Mrs. Karen it's a tragedy that brought more unity to this family than had been missing for a while. I will pay my respects on Friday morning. It's crazy yo because they are my second family they treat me like one of there own. They feed me when I'm there every time. That entire family never has a negative thing to say about me, and the same goes from me to the world and within.
I come home and things have finally fallen into place about how they should be. My mother is sleeping and finally thinking clearly, my brother is being a young man he's speaking up and talking so much more. I swear I love that kid like he were my kid at times. I see so much potential in him it's crazy. You know recently he talks to me more he even kicks it with the Vasquez household and everything. I swear he makes me smile. 

Now to myself, hahah, well as for me. I can say I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. I am going to get where I want to be. I have let everything pile on me and let them cloud my thoughts. I've finally figured out who Hassan Omar Jr is. I hVe finally faced my demons about myself and are fighting them one by one day by day. No things aren't great or wonderful. Yes there are plenty of sleepless nights but I'm back to being happy. For the first time in my life I'm not ashamed of who I am and where I'm going and where I came from. Yes I come from basically nothing. My parents worked themselves up to where they are. I will do the same because I know if they can do it I can do it so much better. New York, I'm still aiming for you!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Sex With You...bad ass song yo

"Sex Wit You"- Marques Houston

Let me break it down and tell you what your sex is like
I don't know what it is
What it feels like
Sex with you
It's like
Heh, it's like
I don't really know what it's like
But uh, let me try to explain.

Sex with you is like when I wake up in the morning
Smell that good old breakfast mama use to make
Sex with you is like the feeling that you get
When all your friends surprise you on your birthday
Sex with you is like, like I made the last shot and everybody screaming my name
Sex with you is like my pocket full of dough and I don't worry 'bout a damn thing

When I think about the sex
Nothing better comes to mind
I wanna sex you all the damn time
Thinking 'bout the sex
It's got me wantin' you to come through
And do sex like we always do
Sex with you is really the best with you
It makes life worth going through
Ain't nobody got a body like you
'Cause my sex with you meets my needs, ain't gotta go lookin' in the street it's you
Ain't nothing better then the way we do
Girl I love having sex with you

Sex with you is like winning an award after working so damn hard
Sex with you is like when the man at the dealer ship hands over the keys to my new car
Sex with you like when that check comes in the mail after been broke for so long
Sex with you is like its like getting out the pin and shorty is there to take you home

When I think about the sex
Nothing better comes to mind
I wanna sex you all the damn time
Thinking 'bout the sex
It's got me wantin' you to come through
And do sex like we always do
Sex with you is really the best with you
It makes life worth going through
Ain't nobody got a body like you
'Cause my sex with you meets my needs, ain't gotta go lookin' in the street it's you
Ain't nothing better then the way we do
Girl I love having sex with you

It's all about the freaky things we do
And I know, you like it just as much as I do
Baby I ain't never try to hit and run
I'm just trying to make you the only one
I'll sex you up on the regular
'Cause ain't nothing better then sex with you:uh

Let me break it down and tell you what your sex is like
Sex with you is like going to the strip club
And ain't gotta pay for none of that strip love
Sex with you is like, like a closet full of air force, my white, my size
Sex with you is like, like be the first nigga in the hood with back drop top 645

Sex with you is really the best with you
It makes life worth going through
Ain't nobody got a body like you
'Cause my sex with you meets my needs, ain't gotta go lookin' in the street it's you
Ain't nothing better then the way we do
(I can have sex with you all night long
Till six in the morning, holla)
Girl I love having sex with you

Nuff Said

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dear Jess,

Dear Jess,

Incase you haven't noticed I tend to write you alot. I don't know I guess speaking to you keeps me sane. Anyway I wanted to inform you on life itself. I don't know if you'll ever write me but I wish you did or would. Anyway my dad is back in Chicago he drove up there. I gotta say from this whole ordeal with him I've realized so much about myself and the things you used to say to me, they make so much more sense now. It's crazy.

I wanna give you a cohesive thought. I can't for some reason,my thoughts are so far beyond scattered it's driving me crazy. So here's my best attempt...

It's like everyday I have a piece of you make more and more sense than it did a year ago and I wanna tell you but I never can. Like I understand we have two separate lives and you have alot on your plate. Believe me I understand that better than most. I wanna see you not to make you feel anything or do anything but because I like seeing you. No offense but sometimes I get the feeling you just don't want to see me, for whatever reason you may have and I can understand and respect that.

Since I can never see you really I write you alot. I don't have anybody really. I can't look up to anyone and I can't look to anyone for help anymore. I guess the thought of your set of ears listening is still a comfort to me. I'm not sure if you ever find yourself writing me but I write you quite often. You changed my life and seriously can not for the life of understand why you think I don't and didn't appreciate what you did for us and me. I wanna say thanks for trying so very hard to stick by myside for as long as you did. Yes I do and did appreciate every last thing that you ever did for me and us. Literally I saw it then and I see it even more now. My apologies may be so empty now but I'm sorry we didn't last as long as you would have hoped and liked. I saw then how hard you tried to reassure me that all you wanted was me. I'm sorry I didn't turn out to be the man that you can have. As hard as you tried I'm sorry it amounted to nothing at all. Thanks for trying, thanks for being there, thanks. I also wanna say thank you for understanding and helping me through my depression. You didn't have to do any of the things that you did for me. You did them because you wanted to.

This whole ordeal with my father has made me see and understand alot about myself. The reason I do things, or say them a certain way. There are alotta things I wanna do to better myself. I have a long way to go but when I get there I'll be a better man for it. The things I put you through, I...well they were the way my father reacted to things. It's crazy because I hate being just like him. Through this whole ordeal I wished so much that I had you physically next to me. I missed you the most. Although through this situation I realized why you're not here to begin with. I miss you all the time. I also know that nothing I do nor say will ever change anything between us and the world.

It hurts me just as well as it hurts you. I know you wanted us to last. I'm sorry I pushed you to make that decision when you speficially requested that I not make you choose. I let you down, I let you down many times. I obsessed over things that weren't worthy of obsessing over, I pushed you away and broke your heart. You didn't deserve any of that. You deserved my trust and I never truly gave it to you along with so many broken promises. Yes believe me I understand, and I'm sorry.

There are some other things that I learned about myself but I'll save that for another letter. I kinda like having something to talk to you about anyway :P. are a gift and a blessing regardless of how other men and/or women in your life make you feel sweetheart, Bbz, please never, forget your worth.

So very much love,

-Turtle aka Hazey

Thursday, October 15, 2009

RE: JWS...In My Opinion..

I wasn't sure if you wanted my opinion literally on your post I put it on mine. I hope you will read it someday. Also I hope you don't mind what I'm saying to you.

You're smart, very smart. In my opinion I believe if anything you of all people should completely understand what its like to be in his situation. Yes he is still talking to her but you gotta remember that, regardless of there current relationship status, she at some point was a person that mattered to him. How do you think I felt? I mean no offense but what you see here is exactly what I saw. In truth, not word for word but from the sounds of it, same scenario. I mean no he may not want to be with her anymore but, you can't expect her to just disappear because you walked into his life.I'm saying this because he may be worth your time. I say hang in there. I think I've said enough. I hope this helps, but then again, you probably already knew this...



There is something symbolic about hope..
It's like a sprinter...
No matter hard the road ahead gets...
She must, must keep running...
She must continue to endure no matter the visibility...
For without her we are all but lost...

I believe hope is a woman because she gives birth to inspiration...


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pieces of You...

Pieces of You...

As you walk I hope you know this is true...
I try but it seems like I just can't stop seeing the images of you...
When I wake up I still check it to see...
When I get dressed I smile cuz it reminds me...
Of late nights when we'd scramble to get dressed...
I'd see you out of the corner of my eye and we'd end up having less time so we're more stressed...
When I grab my jacket I remember your shiver...
And how you'd walk by me in the bitter cold winter...
When I grab my hat I still think of your face...
Just like it was on Christmas day... :,)
When I look at myself in the mirror to this day I still see you...
You're always standing with me, smiling bright as hell too...
Then the high I had is gone your nowhere to be found...
So roll up another one, grab my headphones and listen to the sound...
So then I wake up again and your still here by myside...
With a smile I love and giving me the feeling that I'm still alive...
I don't need to say it everyone knows it's true...
Gotdamn these ever lasting pieces of you...


a note from my iPod this morning

I love my lil iPod it's like my trustee. I don't have as many people as I used to, to confide in so here are my thoughts, as of this morning...

To a friend I once had so close,

Today I woke up from a dream with you. I woke up to words I wished were real. I know they aren't coming but a man can dream, literally. 

I wrote a poem to you a long time ago. The other day someone messages me about it, and how good it was. They said they sent to a friend of theirs because they had recently lost a lover. Apparently my poetry has some use. 

I think it's crazy how I'm still dreaming of a person whom doesn't dream of me. I wonder if what they say is true. The person you dream of is also dreaming of you...I may never know...


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dear Sabrina

I miss you. I wish, I wish I was there with you. I wish you and I had never parted. Both relationship wise and phyiscally. I wish I could call you everyday, I wish I was apart of your life like I used to be. I wish I hadn't lost so much of myself when you left. Because the past few years I've spent all my time trying to remember who the fuck I am. I sometimes I even wish there was a slim chance of hope between you and I. I won't lie sometimes I wish I had never forced myself to move on, because maybe I wouldn't be sitting where I am now. I am at home alone. I've spent the last four days completely by myself. I've realized that I'm not really important to anyone here. No one not one person but Jb decided to come see me when I needed a friend the most. I think that somewhere deep down I knew this. You were literally the only person who showed me what true friendship is. Yes mike has always been there but he has a kid, Rei well he's gay lol, shorty never decided to keep in touch, my exes well they all well moved on or replaced me. You were literally the only person in the world that I know for a fact I can love and can loved in return with no regret. Yes we went through alot when we were younger but in the end atleast we had each other. Recently, well actually ever since you've left all I've been trying to do is fill the void you left behind. Biish you left a huge fucking hole in my life. Yes I will admit I loved those girls with as much of me as I could give but I can see now the love I gave them wasn't for them. Maybe it was for you....

Idk, I know I love you N I miss you, I hope this letter helps you understand a bit more

Write back :P

Words of the Broken

Words of the Broken
*this is my disclaimer: These words aren't directed at anyone*

(as the stitches tear apart)
That's fine that's just fine
Go ahead, do as you please
Don't worry about it, just forget me
Go in ya phone, find my name, hit that delete key
Not like I care you took all I had left in me
I don't care what you do, you're sick of me right?
Well do your worst fuck three people tonight
What does it matter to me if you find someone else
I'm nothing to you right? Put the memory of me on the shelf
That's right you'll sleep just fine with me gone
Yeah no worries I won't be blowing up ya phone
I was nothing but a waste of your time right?
So it should be easy to replace me is that right?
Find somebody else to cling to at night?
Find another person to hold you tight...
That should be easy for you, and me?
Me find someone else you won't even care to see
If it does happen you won't care either way
I'll hurt while you walk yo lil ass away
Yes I'm mad, yes I'm hurt
Yes I'm pissed this didn't work
No I can't replace you
All I wanted was you
But what hurts more is the truth you see
I won't be okay cuz all I wanted was for you to love me
But after you I'll be alright if no one ever loves me
I'll be heartbroken while you go out on the town all happy and shit!
The fucked up part is you won't even see it because
You'll have replaced me as soon as your done reading this...


Thursday, October 8, 2009

A movie, a book, a question

Investigating Sex is probably one of the most intellicual movies I've ever watched. It's so very intriguing. Almost equally intellicually attractive as it is funny. It to me literally does show how men viewed sex in 1929. Yet at the same time showing a window into why men think the way the do now about women, orgasms, and of course making love. To be honest I want to read the book although in French I feel as though it would actually be a great read.

In a portion of this movies depiction of the books view begins to ask about love and how it effects sex. The two women in the movie are kind of funny. It also touches on the traditions and culture of America at the end of the 1920s. When I say the cultures and traditions of America in the 1920s I mean the Protestant Christian traditions and values that were common. 

In a scene containing Zoey and her nameless lovestriken and insecure lover. He makes a statement, "Love! Is when a man and a woman want to settle down, have children, and grow old together. When they make love they do such in as Adam and Eve did it!" It raised a very serious question to me. Why is love depicted as such a, very unemotional yet such a romantic emotional and phyiscal attachment? I just don't understand it.  Somewhere in time love and sex became intertwined. I would like to know why love and sex were cast together. Why is it that we see sex as such a necessary yet dispicable and sinful deed. It is seen as beautiful yet at the very same time so very distasteful. I just don't understand that. The novel inspired movie does however raise a few points. Why is it that once we have begun sexual activity, as men, that we can not stop?

On a side note, I will say that Freud can not and should not be the last person to have theories about sex. 

Watch the movie for yourself

Investigating Sex 

Now for my inquiry to the world. So many people today and in times past have spent so much time and energy into finding that perfect one. I will say yes I have been in love. My question is why? Why is it that so many people spend so much time and energy into finding that perfect one. The funny part is that many people have this preconcieved image of what their ideal partner looks like. The thing that is really intriguing is that the mass majority of peoples true mate may  not even fit that image in any way shape or form. But isn't love supposed to be blind? If so, why do we have these preconcieved images? Or better yet, why do we subconsciously seek these people out?

Love is supposed to be the tool used to determine wether or not sex should ever be considered, correct? That it is what I've come to deduce, now with that said. Shouldn't we as humans stop looking for these preconcieved images and actually consider that the mate for us may not and probably will never fit that image?

Just a few questions until next time...


Tell me why life seems to have it out for me
the day to day life of it all seems to speak in sing
the things that just can't ever be
somebody please help me see.
What kind of conspiracy life has on me
somebody explain to me this conspiracy against me....


You know there's nothing quite like losing it all. Believe me I would know what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like, and what these things can do to you. So please spare me with your speeches on somebody elses misfortune. I don't want to hear them. These words seem harsh but you know what I don't care. I have been at the bottom of the pool for a long time. To be honest I've been down here most of my got damn life. I know what its like to sleep three by the foot and two by the head board. I know all about government issued housing and food. I've seen what greed can do to a man. I've also seen what the streets can do to a person. I've lost a lot of myself in just under 20 years. So I don't wanna hear about the poverty in America and the struggle that people go through here. I know people in other countries have it worse but you know what...I am struggling my damn self I don't have time to make myself feel appreciative of what I have. I already am! Nevermind I don't have much to MY name. To be honest I wont have a house in three months but hey maybe thats just not enough for the rest of you to just understand my frustration. I have been trying so got DAMN hard to get on my fucking feet for three got damn years. Damnit I worked to put gas in my car to drive my happy ass to high school...why because I had no choice...I have to pull all my college tuition myself...You know i asked God to allow me to struggle because I was so used to it...hahah...dear God...why did you listen to my dumb ass...I've been on so many GOT DAMN interviews that this week alone!, I went on four! count!....FOUR!...not one of them...not a single one was worth my fucking time really....i swear...

"Effort is supposed to be a tree that bears fruit, howcome in Atlanta the tree was cut down...?!"

Monday, October 5, 2009



Whilst the guns are still firing,
Smoke clouding vision as far as one can see,
How is it that when I once saw your face,
I no longer see anyone at all,
I fear not being alone amongst the battle,
Rather I fear being in silence alone...

Some one please show me the way, this war is tiring,
War solves the problems of how they fell overseas,
Yet doesn't explain the why they were there in the first place,
Weakness is a plague that makes us fall,
To my knees? No, never will I succomb to such a rattle,
But the pain is something a man can not handle on his own...


"Damn, somebody gotta help me with this one, been tryna figure out you know, wha...what, what did I do? Heartbreaker... I didn't see this one coming... ...  "- Tank- I hate you (prologue)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

From across the room

I think I finally figured out what it is like to love from a far-
You don't realize it at first but you catch yourself really-
Paying attention to a person who pays you no mind-
You eventually know them better than you do your own car-
You think your perfect for them and you mean it sincerely-
But they always over look you somehow time after time-
Then one day you get your chance and approach them hopeful-
Just to find out they are taken by a bastard of a man-
Who you once knew, and know won't treat them just-
Then one day some one approaches you with eyes all full-
With love in their heart and a true match for you as a man-
Now the woman you once wanted is broken by lust-
For some reason she runs into you showing you the wreck-
That wreck you once desired with all the blood in your heart-
Now you realize why God never allowed her to look your way-
When you look in her eyes they aren't loving, or kind, or full of respect.-
No, they are vengeful and untrustworthy, once you see that hahaha man it's so much easier to get through your day :)-


Saturday, October 3, 2009

When oso decides to speak up

Dammit I love you...

All I Wanted by Paramore is in fact what I feel for you. Betterman is how I feel about how you make me feel. Sex with you is literally how I feel when it comes to making love with you. Never let this go is what my heart sings when I think about you. Extra special still plays in my heart. A little bit is how I feel when I see your online. When I sit next to you violet hill plays. When I look you in the eyes the world some how just stops existing and life as I know it ends, yet still remain. You are the calm center of the hurricane in my heart and mind...but I know where the line is drawn in the sand. Fear you or what you can do to me? No, never. Believe me when you are done and gone, I'll be just fine. I'll be fine, just fine...

Shoot to Kill

Man- Please don't hold back
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...
Man- refraining does more damage to me
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...
Man- just what ever you do don't hold that
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...
Man- say what must be said for me to see
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...
Man- let things be what they must
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...
Man- my life isn't worth the stress or strife
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...
Man- that memory has died and turned to rust
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...
Man- believe me its okay to take my life
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...
Man- no need to cry for what must be done
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...
Man- we knew it would come to this very living will
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...
Man- lover, friend, major part of my life, all are one
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...
Man- please don't fight it, please just promise me you'll shoot to kill
Woman- (All I Wanted Was You)...(All I Wanted Was You)...(All I Wanted Was You)...

*single shot fired*


>>>[All I Wanted- Paramore]<<<


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