Monday, October 5, 2009



Whilst the guns are still firing,
Smoke clouding vision as far as one can see,
How is it that when I once saw your face,
I no longer see anyone at all,
I fear not being alone amongst the battle,
Rather I fear being in silence alone...

Some one please show me the way, this war is tiring,
War solves the problems of how they fell overseas,
Yet doesn't explain the why they were there in the first place,
Weakness is a plague that makes us fall,
To my knees? No, never will I succomb to such a rattle,
But the pain is something a man can not handle on his own...


"Damn, somebody gotta help me with this one, been tryna figure out you know, wha...what, what did I do? Heartbreaker... I didn't see this one coming... ...  "- Tank- I hate you (prologue)

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