Thursday, October 8, 2009


Tell me why life seems to have it out for me
the day to day life of it all seems to speak in sing
the things that just can't ever be
somebody please help me see.
What kind of conspiracy life has on me
somebody explain to me this conspiracy against me....


You know there's nothing quite like losing it all. Believe me I would know what it looks like, feels like, sounds like, smells like, and what these things can do to you. So please spare me with your speeches on somebody elses misfortune. I don't want to hear them. These words seem harsh but you know what I don't care. I have been at the bottom of the pool for a long time. To be honest I've been down here most of my got damn life. I know what its like to sleep three by the foot and two by the head board. I know all about government issued housing and food. I've seen what greed can do to a man. I've also seen what the streets can do to a person. I've lost a lot of myself in just under 20 years. So I don't wanna hear about the poverty in America and the struggle that people go through here. I know people in other countries have it worse but you know what...I am struggling my damn self I don't have time to make myself feel appreciative of what I have. I already am! Nevermind I don't have much to MY name. To be honest I wont have a house in three months but hey maybe thats just not enough for the rest of you to just understand my frustration. I have been trying so got DAMN hard to get on my fucking feet for three got damn years. Damnit I worked to put gas in my car to drive my happy ass to high school...why because I had no choice...I have to pull all my college tuition myself...You know i asked God to allow me to struggle because I was so used to it...hahah...dear God...why did you listen to my dumb ass...I've been on so many GOT DAMN interviews that this week alone!, I went on four! count!....FOUR!...not one of them...not a single one was worth my fucking time really....i swear...

"Effort is supposed to be a tree that bears fruit, howcome in Atlanta the tree was cut down...?!"

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