Sunday, October 4, 2009

From across the room

I think I finally figured out what it is like to love from a far-
You don't realize it at first but you catch yourself really-
Paying attention to a person who pays you no mind-
You eventually know them better than you do your own car-
You think your perfect for them and you mean it sincerely-
But they always over look you somehow time after time-
Then one day you get your chance and approach them hopeful-
Just to find out they are taken by a bastard of a man-
Who you once knew, and know won't treat them just-
Then one day some one approaches you with eyes all full-
With love in their heart and a true match for you as a man-
Now the woman you once wanted is broken by lust-
For some reason she runs into you showing you the wreck-
That wreck you once desired with all the blood in your heart-
Now you realize why God never allowed her to look your way-
When you look in her eyes they aren't loving, or kind, or full of respect.-
No, they are vengeful and untrustworthy, once you see that hahaha man it's so much easier to get through your day :)-


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