Sunday, October 11, 2009

Words of the Broken

Words of the Broken
*this is my disclaimer: These words aren't directed at anyone*

(as the stitches tear apart)
That's fine that's just fine
Go ahead, do as you please
Don't worry about it, just forget me
Go in ya phone, find my name, hit that delete key
Not like I care you took all I had left in me
I don't care what you do, you're sick of me right?
Well do your worst fuck three people tonight
What does it matter to me if you find someone else
I'm nothing to you right? Put the memory of me on the shelf
That's right you'll sleep just fine with me gone
Yeah no worries I won't be blowing up ya phone
I was nothing but a waste of your time right?
So it should be easy to replace me is that right?
Find somebody else to cling to at night?
Find another person to hold you tight...
That should be easy for you, and me?
Me find someone else you won't even care to see
If it does happen you won't care either way
I'll hurt while you walk yo lil ass away
Yes I'm mad, yes I'm hurt
Yes I'm pissed this didn't work
No I can't replace you
All I wanted was you
But what hurts more is the truth you see
I won't be okay cuz all I wanted was for you to love me
But after you I'll be alright if no one ever loves me
I'll be heartbroken while you go out on the town all happy and shit!
The fucked up part is you won't even see it because
You'll have replaced me as soon as your done reading this...


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