Thursday, October 15, 2009

RE: JWS...In My Opinion..

I wasn't sure if you wanted my opinion literally on your post I put it on mine. I hope you will read it someday. Also I hope you don't mind what I'm saying to you.

You're smart, very smart. In my opinion I believe if anything you of all people should completely understand what its like to be in his situation. Yes he is still talking to her but you gotta remember that, regardless of there current relationship status, she at some point was a person that mattered to him. How do you think I felt? I mean no offense but what you see here is exactly what I saw. In truth, not word for word but from the sounds of it, same scenario. I mean no he may not want to be with her anymore but, you can't expect her to just disappear because you walked into his life.I'm saying this because he may be worth your time. I say hang in there. I think I've said enough. I hope this helps, but then again, you probably already knew this...


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»♥[⌡з§žụҚå] said...

There are some similarities, but not all is the same. For one, Babes didn't butt in on the times we hung out, nor did he forbid me from seeing you or anything of a psycho nature.
Now, I do understand what you mean when you say that she isn't just gonna be erased altogether. I'm cool with that.
And in regards to you and I? well, it hurts to know to this day you fail to see and appreciate how much I tried to reassure you, day and night. Yes, he was my best friend; but I even stopped talking to him for a while. I chose to put you first; and that's something JWB hasn't done... but overall, yes, I understand where you're coming from.


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