Thursday, October 8, 2009

A movie, a book, a question

Investigating Sex is probably one of the most intellicual movies I've ever watched. It's so very intriguing. Almost equally intellicually attractive as it is funny. It to me literally does show how men viewed sex in 1929. Yet at the same time showing a window into why men think the way the do now about women, orgasms, and of course making love. To be honest I want to read the book although in French I feel as though it would actually be a great read.

In a portion of this movies depiction of the books view begins to ask about love and how it effects sex. The two women in the movie are kind of funny. It also touches on the traditions and culture of America at the end of the 1920s. When I say the cultures and traditions of America in the 1920s I mean the Protestant Christian traditions and values that were common. 

In a scene containing Zoey and her nameless lovestriken and insecure lover. He makes a statement, "Love! Is when a man and a woman want to settle down, have children, and grow old together. When they make love they do such in as Adam and Eve did it!" It raised a very serious question to me. Why is love depicted as such a, very unemotional yet such a romantic emotional and phyiscal attachment? I just don't understand it.  Somewhere in time love and sex became intertwined. I would like to know why love and sex were cast together. Why is it that we see sex as such a necessary yet dispicable and sinful deed. It is seen as beautiful yet at the very same time so very distasteful. I just don't understand that. The novel inspired movie does however raise a few points. Why is it that once we have begun sexual activity, as men, that we can not stop?

On a side note, I will say that Freud can not and should not be the last person to have theories about sex. 

Watch the movie for yourself

Investigating Sex 

Now for my inquiry to the world. So many people today and in times past have spent so much time and energy into finding that perfect one. I will say yes I have been in love. My question is why? Why is it that so many people spend so much time and energy into finding that perfect one. The funny part is that many people have this preconcieved image of what their ideal partner looks like. The thing that is really intriguing is that the mass majority of peoples true mate may  not even fit that image in any way shape or form. But isn't love supposed to be blind? If so, why do we have these preconcieved images? Or better yet, why do we subconsciously seek these people out?

Love is supposed to be the tool used to determine wether or not sex should ever be considered, correct? That it is what I've come to deduce, now with that said. Shouldn't we as humans stop looking for these preconcieved images and actually consider that the mate for us may not and probably will never fit that image?

Just a few questions until next time...

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