Saturday, October 3, 2009

When oso decides to speak up

Dammit I love you...

All I Wanted by Paramore is in fact what I feel for you. Betterman is how I feel about how you make me feel. Sex with you is literally how I feel when it comes to making love with you. Never let this go is what my heart sings when I think about you. Extra special still plays in my heart. A little bit is how I feel when I see your online. When I sit next to you violet hill plays. When I look you in the eyes the world some how just stops existing and life as I know it ends, yet still remain. You are the calm center of the hurricane in my heart and mind...but I know where the line is drawn in the sand. Fear you or what you can do to me? No, never. Believe me when you are done and gone, I'll be just fine. I'll be fine, just fine...

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