Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a note from my iPod this morning

I love my lil iPod it's like my trustee. I don't have as many people as I used to, to confide in so here are my thoughts, as of this morning...

To a friend I once had so close,

Today I woke up from a dream with you. I woke up to words I wished were real. I know they aren't coming but a man can dream, literally. 

I wrote a poem to you a long time ago. The other day someone messages me about it, and how good it was. They said they sent to a friend of theirs because they had recently lost a lover. Apparently my poetry has some use. 

I think it's crazy how I'm still dreaming of a person whom doesn't dream of me. I wonder if what they say is true. The person you dream of is also dreaming of you...I may never know...


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