Sunday, November 16, 2008

keeping things separate or a secret

I don't know
i have no shame or guilt
but when you sit there and think about it
whats the difference between keeping things
Separate or Keeping things a Secret?
to me nothing really
you hold your tongue to avoid fights
you keep things to yourself to avoid
hurting the other person or to avoid making them mad
so in all honesty, when things surface or
show up later how do u explain them?
what are you to say to the other
what exactly are you to say?
when the other person discover this what are they to say?
what are they to think?
and how do you resolve the doubts that have entered your minds?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Her name is

Just as elegant as I ever imagined

Easy going and bubbly at the same time

Sensual woman so amazing to me

Seeing is believing, she must be a dream

I can't believe i know her I'm so glad to know her

Cause without her I'd be lost and without

Another half. So glad she puts up with my black

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Colbie Caillat

I just realized
I really just realized
How and what they felt
I just had to pay attention
i had to watch listen
i understand your side more than you know

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cracks in my shell

Cracks in my shell

the things that i thought were what wanted
seem to be within grasp
and from there i have to ask
what do i do from there?
with all these goals we set for our lives
what use to us are they?
the turtle who walks amongst the stones has
as many cracks in his shell as his befriended
anchored down companions
he seems impenetrable and almost untouchable
but he never makes a decision he doesn't plan to
follow through with
but when he arrives there whats next?

i'm sitting here collecting my thoughts
on everything i think on a daily basis
being ever careful with my words
i choose to say that i know where i want to be
what i want to do
and even how i want to do it
its just somethings i'm just not used to
i'm not used to having my friends being always there
i'm not used to having a girlfriend who ACTUALLY CARES
i'm not used to this whole college thing


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