Saturday, February 4, 2012


When I look at you I have this inner drive to act
but my doubts hold me back
from showing you my true passion
and all that my lifes lacking
is you

This raw power and force
makes me as stubborn as a horse
she straddle me in my dreams
but truth lies to it seems
im craving it too

This primal urge to make love
is frowned on from above
but my dreams I can't control
and I just want to let you know
but you aren't blind

you can choose to ignore it
or shake it off as unimportant
but even this can bug you
just say whats on your heart
so I won't have to hide my lonely spark

in these last few days I've been trying to think less
but when I see you my heart falls out my chest
at first with excite to run and embrace you
but the doubt makes it stop short of the truth
this isn't lust...

this is primal...



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