Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dear Sabrina

I miss you. I wish, I wish I was there with you. I wish you and I had never parted. Both relationship wise and phyiscally. I wish I could call you everyday, I wish I was apart of your life like I used to be. I wish I hadn't lost so much of myself when you left. Because the past few years I've spent all my time trying to remember who the fuck I am. I sometimes I even wish there was a slim chance of hope between you and I. I won't lie sometimes I wish I had never forced myself to move on, because maybe I wouldn't be sitting where I am now. I am at home alone. I've spent the last four days completely by myself. I've realized that I'm not really important to anyone here. No one not one person but Jb decided to come see me when I needed a friend the most. I think that somewhere deep down I knew this. You were literally the only person who showed me what true friendship is. Yes mike has always been there but he has a kid, Rei well he's gay lol, shorty never decided to keep in touch, my exes well they all well moved on or replaced me. You were literally the only person in the world that I know for a fact I can love and can loved in return with no regret. Yes we went through alot when we were younger but in the end atleast we had each other. Recently, well actually ever since you've left all I've been trying to do is fill the void you left behind. Biish you left a huge fucking hole in my life. Yes I will admit I loved those girls with as much of me as I could give but I can see now the love I gave them wasn't for them. Maybe it was for you....

Idk, I know I love you N I miss you, I hope this letter helps you understand a bit more

Write back :P

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