Monday, May 24, 2010

Today was the day that I made the most crucial bond I've ever made. I chose to follow my dreams. The day I went back to the person he used to be. My mind is ready for this. I'm riding south to struggle even more, but shit I'm ready for it. I don't think I've ever been more confident in myself.

I told myself something today that opened my eyes to who the fuck I really am. I'm gonna miss out on alotta things. I'm gonna leave  a place I've grown attached to. I will miss my Godsons birthdays and Ill miss weddings. The parties, the new places and cars everyone gets. I also can't put my life on hold while they live their lives. I may want to see this but I can't stay here. I'm gonna miss everyone but my life's calling...

Life is about making the life you want. I decided to do what I was born to do. Use my damn voice and my words. I've looked and honestly music is all I can see myself ever doing. There isn't anything I could ever do. My decision to take the path set before me long ago was a long and hard decision to make. I will say that not even can fight fate. God had a plan for me from the beginning Can't turn around now. Its time I faced my damn life for what it is gonna be :)
fucking awesome!

life is what you make it and the sooner I realized I always had the means to get where I wanna go.

Stay focused, stay hungry, trust God...

I want a family, I want a house, I want the whole dream not just a piece of it. I know that if I want it all I have to work hard for it to protect it, defend it, earn it, and make a way to achieve it. 

My music playlist is looking like this right about now

Talking- Young Jeezy
Lights Please- J. Cole
Dollar and a Dream- J. Cole
Grown Simba- J. Cole
Trap or Die 2- Young Jeezy
Heartbreak Hotel- Game and Diddy
It's Been a Pleasure- Young Jeezy and Drake
Flight Double O- M.O.E.T.
Cut You Loose- M.O.E.T.
Fear- Drake
Shake- Game
Slanging Rocks- Game
Everything Red- Game, Lil Wanye, Birdman
I'm Back- T.I.
D.O. Wave- M.O.E.T.
Atlanta Zoo- Gucci Mane

This list will get bigger....


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Anonymous said...

Love it! Get out there and do it!!


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