Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley

Was it the weed or the fact that he was truly brilliant? I for one believe it was both...lol
How can I forget someone who gave me so much to remember? I can't, I won't, and after reading this I accept that. :] If the same doesn't go both ways then that is their lose because for them all I have are fond memories...

Life gets hard but every day I learn something new about myself. There was a quote I read somewhere and I can not remember for the life of me but it went like this,

"Whenever you realize there's nothing you can do, wait. You may discover that the reason for waiting was all for your benefit, because you're the one who needed to change"

Lately I realized that I've slowly been taking life by the horns and steering the bull. I'm not fully ready to drive my own bull yet. I need to slow down, my recent frustrations over my water-pump fiasco shed some light on the future of me and my life in a way. How I can do this all I have to do is get myself there, calmly and steadily. *deep breathe*

 My car was overheating yesterday everyone, yes I know I know, me and cars don't mesh well...lol She needs a new water-pump. I coordinated the whole transporting of my vehicle to the best location and repairs at the best price. I did all of which on stolen hotel internet ;]. My overall fees total my whole first pay check. It pains me to the core to lose my first paycheck ($504.48) the whole damned thing to my car but I also have to be thankful that I had the money to get the repairs in the first place. This quote I found today now that I spoke to the person I have no idea where it truly came from it was in her book.

I'm not having the best week but I will make the best of it regardless.

God Bless

PS- Lately I've noticed the changes in me are even in my posts...Guess you could say I found my way back to God on 2-12-2010


Bri said...

It's ironic...I just saw someone n my FB join a group with the same Bob Marley lyric s a title.

And it's always good to go back to God. He's awesome like that.

Came by to say hello.

HaS the Turtle said...

thank you for stopping by :]

and Yes thats where I pulled that from I saw it a couple of days ago and had to find it.

Yes its a powerful thing, going back to God...hahah I know right, he is awesome

I will stop by!



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