Friday, May 28, 2010


Lets be real, dear

the day for us will neva be here

I saw the end before you had my heart

real shit way before the first spark

the friction wasn't attraction nor commitment

the truth was in ya face, you just kept on, relentless

please lemme know when the day I don't see real comes

text messages about first base and hitting home runs

panties like a shower her legs are my rocks

the only thing we had going was the dance in our socks

Im not perfect, but growing is a must for change

me and you would be one word, insane

as you can see I have problems with this role

you know, the man in ya life type-a-goal

so lemme say this so you get it clearly, bless your soul

I have problems with self control

you shoulda seen that coming so course but,

how would you ever know?

childish and foolish will never flow

statin facts mami,
sorry you needed it broken for you to understand tho...



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