Monday, May 10, 2010

I found It

I found where I belong joe...My ninjas in Orlando doing they damn thing moving this music like I should be. I've made up my mind joe. Packing my creativity in a bag and moving to Orlando as soon as possible. Hazey's about to do what he should have always should have been doing from the start...

check out my boys mixtape it is crack real shit man


Today was interesting joe.
I woke up late, missed class, made it to school and did some work, I got codename PWD (for pretty in her white dress) number today, my car overheated in traffic so its in the shop til further notice, I'm working 31 hours a week, I've got my plan together now all I have to do is execute it and I'll be where ive dreaming of being...

Had a good day even if I barely ate...

God Bless, wake up every morning and let your first words literally be, thanks


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J-me Pikman said...


By the way, have you ever heard about I hear they just finished a new contest called Mama's day out!


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