Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why I don't need you apart of my life

Note to self...fuck Christena and Kim...their words are needed but the way they were stated wasn't...Don't ignore their words just take them with a grain of salt...And those who let bigotry out of their mouths limit themselves...I can't be hateful for what they said in addition...

"45 minutes roll by"

Damnit you see this is the reason I didn't want you in my life. Your words seem to stick to me...they replay and replay...and I can't get them out. I hated you before and still kinda do. When this is all over I just want things to go back to us not talking again. I don't want you in my life, like seriously.

Seriously they make me feel like I'm going no where with my life...Like I'm nothing...She makes me feel as though I have nothing to be proud of...Like what I've accomplished isn't worth anything...Like I've got to prove myself to her...This feeling, this very feeling at the pit of me is what bothers me's deep, so very deep beneath the skin...

Its almost like her soul purpose in life is point out my mistakes...point every last flaw within my your main goal when you are around me is to compare me to every last black person you have ever disrespect my race as a whole...then personally disrespect me as an are poison...nothing more than hatred in the shape of a fat couldn't love a man of any race so you disrespect us to make yourself feel better...and to justify why you are all honesty you're so insecure and weak that without Kim you'd be on crack somewhere...

these can't be my words...

*5 minutes wander by*

When I rise above this, all of this negativity surrounding you, I'll make a statement through my actions that says more than your bigotry and hate ever could...People like that don't need to be apart of persons life...She's the reason I became so depressed in the beginning...Also she's the reason I better myself...

Yeah there's a damn good reason I said, "she could rot under their significant others left tit in the 7th layer of hell." (updates)

"live, learn, let go...."

>>>[Be Somebody- Kings of Leon]<<<


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