Friday, April 2, 2010

the quest to get back to me

Today in English 107 I was asked to summarize the past 10 years of my life in 3-4 sentences. NO more than that!? It got me to thinking really hard about the past 10 years of my life and what was defining. What must I include in this summary. In my mind there was so much I wanted to incorporate, so much to say in just 4 sentences regardless of how many commas, semi-colons; and conjunctions I placed within its borders, would it ever be enough. So in honesty I couldn't. All I could do was cast a shadow over that decade of existence.

Nothing was more important, nothing was less important. Why? Why would I spare the details of all the juicy layers of detail of my life in that summary? Because everything that happened was important to me. From meeting my best friend Dre, to writing my first verse, to the beefs I had with niggas in school, to the lost dreams of that time period, to the crushes that went no where to the women that loved me and disappeared, to my best friends Sabrina whom I hardly hear from, to the gang bullshit I got involved in, to losing my way and losing my faith, to following the dirt road the long way home, to my first job, my second job, my thrid job, graduating, starting college, my family, living in the first house ive ever lived in, to my music tech class that changed my world, to the blunts passed to me by a girl, from partying all weekend long to the days where no one called at all, My parents decline through the whole decade and how much that shaped me, to my most recent car accident(FYI MOST OF THIS IS NOT IN ORDER)..There is so much for me to talk about that not one of these instances was more important than the other in my life. I gotta say I wish I had taken more time to write all of it down so that I could laugh at it later. I have to say I have the best regrets in life. So far...

I wish I had taken pictures


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