Sunday, April 18, 2010

the Void part 1 my 7 deadly sins

This a warning, this is a very daring post that honestly could have me burn in hell...I hope God understands my confusion

"Accept ya short comings baby they gon make you whole..."

They say Envy is an sinful thing
so what do you call it when you see what they bring?
it is said Greed is rut of evil things
but what's the difference in wanting to save and destroy everything?
man Lust doesn't just happen ya dreams
yet somehow my day to day life is lusting after my dreams...
everyone says Gluttony can bring you down slow
but when I see her food it completes my soul...
I never understood Sloth too much
but when that alarm clock go off, the snooze button my finger will touch
Wrath can one day be my down fall
yet my wrath is what keeps niggas from making that phone call
last and most importantly my Pride of all sorts
is the one thing I have left so why do hopes keep coming up short?

Contentment- Envy
You shouldn't be passing judgement- Greed
Pursuing happiness would do just fine- Lust
A single person can do that- Gluttony
Early to bed early to wake- Sloth
Respect goes alot farther- Wrath
Keep believing and you wont need it- Pride


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