Thursday, April 8, 2010

inspiring mother

So I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine today...check it out...Changed the way I see somethings in life a little...Hope your having a good day today...

12:26pm Hassan
idk its just odd...i feel kinda like everybody dont wanna talk to me or is avoiding me...which may not be the just saying...anyway its been mad long since i last heard from you
12:27pm Jayla
it could be the case but you never know til you confront them or wutever. lately ive been feeling like, im finding out who really cares about me & who is real. but yup, its been a min.
12:27pm Hassan
yeah i know right...really find ou how give a fuck and who dont when shit hit the fan
12:30pm Jayla
yup...some people dont accept shyt for what it really is. let me ask you something....
12:34pm Jayla
if a chick you loved and she wuz wifey type but yall wasnt together...and she ended up getting raped by someone she knew and wuz pregnant. wud yu leave her & just be frienz with her or wud yu stil wife her?
12:35pm Hassan
before I say anything lemme say this
rape hurts more than just one person
on the same note I would ask how did it happen
not why, just how
and depending on how I felt about the girl would determine my answer
thats not any easy yes or no question
12:37pm Jayla
12:38pm Hassan
that did make sense right?
12:38pm Jayla
yes it did.
12:39pm Hassan
aight cool...dont like confusion
12:42pm Hassan
did that happen to you? if you dont mind me askin?
12:42pm Jayla
12:43pm Hassan
im sorry to hear that
12:43pm Jayla
its okay...dont b sorry.
i stopped talking to the guy & i had my babygirl last thursday. she wuz 3months premature tho.
12:44pm Hassan
you keeping her?
12:44pm Jayla
12:44pm Hassan
says alot about you
12:45pm Jayla
i knew the guy that did it....i havnt talked to him in years before this happened.
wat chu mean?
12:46pm Hassan
just shows ur stronger person than most
12:46pm Jayla
yeah...i really am.
12:47pm Hassan
thats a great thing to have
keep ya chin up
12:49pm Jayla
i feel like, god did it for a reason. he doesnt give what he knows you cant handle. i feel like shes a miracle, shes gunna become somebody i wasnt finna give her away..i wanted to be da one to gi her love
12:51pm Hassan
thats whats up ma! i feel that
deep as hell
12:52pm Hassan
but yo im gettin off for a lil bit
hit me up sometime dont be a stranger

Nuff Said

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