Tuesday, April 27, 2010

only in my dreams....

Is it strange that every night in my sleep you are there?
I can see you touch you feel you from your toes to your hair?
Does it seem odd that my senses become alive when I return to you?
They say the person you think of before you fall asleep is thinking of you too...

There's a place in my mind
a room void of time
the world stops
yet we can not
where love is paid
and sweat is made
where hearts end
and time never amends
vivid senses of your touch
with blurry visions of us
love hate passion or lust
you can call it what you must
oh how the air is thick
afflictions are hard to quit
you say i'm painful but i'm worth it
and afterwards I awake feeling worthless
so when I return to you
My heart gets made a new
only in my dreams do I have visions of you
and me, the room, the steam, and your moan
I awake to your scent
but since I'm in this room alone
dreams of you become convenient...

At night I have the most vivid dreams. Almost like I'm not alone in it. I never see there face, but I know who it is. Its crazy I wake up from them almost as if it was a nightmare. Cold sweat, heart racing, confused with memories of a dream in place of my memory of the night before. It makes no sense, call me crazy, but they feel real. I'm aware that they aren't, I'm also aware of NREM dreams. I have them often. This dream has happened more than once. In the same room, on the same mattress, with the same women...I feel crazy just thinking about it.

>>>[Sooner Than Later- Drake]<<<



T. The Destructor said...

Jesus. A sweat broke out on my upper lip when I read this.

Why is it that most men can't say this? It doesn't even have to be that eloquent, it could just be, "I love you". Simple, concise.

HaS the Turtle said...

because with that word comes a history and a group of emotions he aint ready to face....that doesn't even include rejection...he can say just when he's sure he wont be rejected and that history is no longer plaguing him its behind him

Anonymous said...

Now I need a cigarette...

HaS the Turtle said...




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