Sunday, April 25, 2010

Grace once again

So this week I will say I had a good one.
The stresses made me see clearly, the lows made me thankful and the highs made me humble. God is good.

What I came here to say was I learned to do the right thing the first time. I went on an interview in dunwoody this week. I seriously thought I had the job locked. Case in point the manager seemed to like me alot. I mean seriously I've been undressed with a persons eyes but this was, should I say, a little more subtle. So after getting extremely excited and getting all ready I get there for an interview with a guy named  Kenneth. No I was expecting a white guy about my height,(I'm about 6 foot by the way), straight, my kind of build and bit corny. Reason I say that is because well every Kenneth I've ever met has been corny.


This Kenneth was all of 5'4" if that! Asian and flaming like the gates of hell, GAY!!!!. I didn't let it throw me off though I was still attempting to be pleasant and smiled. From his attitude, I could tell he didn't want me there. He didn't even wanna do this interview. He looked me in the eye all of 3 times. I could tell why he didn't want me there though. ALL THE MEN THERE, except the bartender, were GAY. So when I show up he literally asks me 10 bullshit ass questions. Lies to me and says he needs to talk to someone and that he has made up his mind on me. I was there literally no longer than 20 minutes 10 just waiting on his ass to fucking see me. I was 20 minutes early mind you but still!

so after he goes to the back and I hear him laughing and joking with the people in the back. He comes back and says, "I'm sorry but I will not be offering you a position with us today."

I didn't get frustrated though. I went home got undressed and sat down. I tell my mom what happened and she agreed with me, that he didn't want straight men working there. "She said yeah he didn't want anything walking around he couldn't touch hahahahahahah." Not even three minutes after I tell my mom, what happened?, I get the call from my previous employer.

Call it what you want but I call it grace and gratitude. Had I been upset about it the call probably would have been ignored and missed. So for that I am thankful. I'm hoping to get the call this week about training and hopefully starting work soon.

So moral of the story in my eyes is, even gay people


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