Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My wants

What I truly want from the very core of myself.

So today after my two more random posts I had a notion like the Kings of Leon...lol...I don't know anyway  I know that I will want another partner in crime, another girlfriend, another left hand basically, eventually. I've been doing my own thing bouncing from girl to girl to girl to girl etc. I know what I want but sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find it.

What I want cannot be placed in words,
with nouns, adjectives and verbs
I wanna fall in love with her curves
get stuck on all her words
and yet still have my own ya heard?
I wanna feel the connection from day one
as if the devotion has more than just begun
I wanna be secure in her words as I know she is in me
I wanna see her and feel everything that I felt before
yet I wanna feel more
the feeling should be mutual not just within she
Trusting her would be easy like a handle to a door
our trust opens up and the key isnt needed anymore
meaning every word isnt counted but still accounted for
I wanna have nothing to hold back and nothing to hide
but somehow I feel as though that woman just aint alive

This poem makes no sense. But in my mind it does. I've felt a sample of this. I didn't come through on my end. I can account for that. Next time will be different though...


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