Monday, April 26, 2010

Purple Circle

Purple circle

The revolution of life
Is the change from wrong to right
Our time was short and served it's point I guess
Time I moved on heart to God and to hell with the rest
Royal and true love as deep as purple
Our love ran it's course in the end, it came full circle

Unthought of by you though it plagues my heart
To this day I'll never know if you truly even wanted me from the start
I miss you a lot and it seems I'm not missed at all
Hearts don't break even if I do so recall
Royal and true deep like the color purple
I guess in the end our love came full circle

How I used to wish you'd call
So we could catch up on it all
Months went by winter summer spring and fall
Sitting by the phone patient, still haven't heard from you at all
Royal and true as deep as purple
I guess my love for you came full circle

I hope life got better after you forgot me
I hope the days stresses seemed less like shark teeth
I hope he's out waiting to fulfill your every desire
I hope he never leaves you waiting deep in the midnight fire
Royal and true your loves like the color purple
Your love for me came full circle

So with it said my hearts given up on ever loving you
You got your wish I guess it hurts to know it's true
To this day I've never felt a love quite like when I was loving you
Never again my hearts come to terms letting go and moving onward towards the sun
My souls on the moon still creating whirlpools and monsoons over the sand dunes
So it's true you and I were never meant to be and nor am I the one
Lifes like the shapes and surrounded by one
So when I see purple I think about how we came full circle
We ran our course now it's over and time to move on to the next circle
Your not in mine and I'm not in yours too bad I would have loved to see that purple circle...


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