Saturday, April 24, 2010

that moment

That moment in time when you come up for air
being below the surface just barely covering your hair
seeing the world as it is but not really being there
kinda like that feeling you get when you gasp for air
after realizing you never really mattered and they never really cared...

No they never really matter they will never be there
dying on the bathroom floor wont make them ever care
you're worthless to em you could disappear into thin air
no love in their eyes cold blooded murders stare
no words would suffice for the lost time you shared
your heart wasn't spared and neither was theirs...

Or so you thought until you decided to look past the glare
striking like a crack from the snare
bass drum kicks and on end your hair begins to flare
hearts pumping heavy like someone sitting in there
falling to your knees you look back into the cold stare
same moment they told you, "My heart will always be theirs..."



jess said...

Chills, my lovely.

HaS the Turtle said...

thanks :) I've missed your comments!

glad you stopped by!


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