Sunday, November 29, 2009

Movie Reel

Movie Reel - Written November 28th, 2009 4:10 am (honestly people I have Not slept in a week)

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my mind...

Memories play like old movie reels
Burning in and out all day
Often times replaying the same shit
The same kiss
The same words
The same smile
The same feelings, just as they were
They are comforting memories, well sometimes
Often times reminding you of how very alone we are on the inside
And many times reminding us of how lonely we are on the outside
They take you to a time and place
Back to a time when no one could wipe that smile off your face
You know that ONE moment that we all have that makes us feel special
Makes us feel Important, not only to our lives but to someone else's
For some it's utterly heartbreaking to even think about
For others it's something they can never think on
Let alone admit to themselves it's really over
While some pick up the pieces
Others leave them there and try to forget about them
As the reel begins to play at odd moments in your day to day life
You can't help but remember what every last moment ever felt like
Then the fucked up thought that it's never coming back crosses your heart
You thought you were confused before just living day to day, right?
Now imagine the depth of confusion you would have if you literally couldn't stop the reel from playing
Morning, noon, and night...?
Remembering every smile and every fight
Every phrase and every phone call before you sleep
Imagine knowing things were never what they seemed
Imagine seeing a sign of how wrong you were every SINGLE day?
With all that in mind, could you ever call?
Could you ever speak to that person again?
Could you ever stop the reel from playing?

Honestly I don't know,

For now I'm just tryna watch another movie...or at least finish the one that's playing...


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