Sunday, November 1, 2009

Case Closed...

I just don't have the energy to sum up everything going on around me anymore. I swear lifes picking up for me finally, yet at the same time it's showing me the error of my old ways. Like one of my exs whom I will name salvy cuz she's salvadorian. She is engaged and honestly she wants to fuck me. Like her forehead had like a light up sign saying I need sex! Okay first of all I know salvys are fucking crazy. Second I'm not a fucked up nigga and Im grown I dont have time for games. Fa real she calls me up talking all this wild shit about her man and shit saying she's done with him and she wanna move on. But when I come thru he's sitting right next to you. So first off I already know you runnin game and I have no time for games. Second if he gave you a ring he has feelings for you meaning he'll probably come after me if he catch me and you at anything. Third I'm not sure if ur a dumb bird or anything but you seem like the type of shorty that wanna get caught or caught up in drama. That also I have no time for. Now I will say this as well shorty you ain't that bad (meaning she ain't that fine) so your not even worth this nigga coming after me over. So I told her I don't want no damn drama, I'm good, you and him need to work out whatever and when you and him are done with all this then maybe, but to be frank I most likely still won't because you are the type of woman who lies, cheats, and starts drama. Thank you case closed.

Now second Is a woman I will call  Philipino Okay ladies and gentlemen, she is just a friend and always has been. She knows people, alotta people! Why? Why you ask? Hahaha, her ass! Yes she has a very large ass that many brothas wanna fuck. Now when I first starting chilling with her she was okay not bright but smart enough not to get me into too much trouble. She's a big woman and honestly I am a man who has a pair of eyes. But just because I see you are bigger than most women doesn't count you out. What counts you out is what you let come out of ya mouth ( trust alot came out of and goes in to hers) I have dated a heavier set woman before and I didn't care really, size doesn't get me. The fucked part about this is that Philipino reminded me of the same woman I dated before. Now that didn't shoot her down but did play a factor. As time went on I learned that the dumb bird was just like my other ex. Pushy, overbearing, knowitall, and dare I say it...ha! I am, easy! Philipino was the type of girl to literally get drunk with a guy she just met and sleep with him that night. Okay that's just gross. I never decided to ask her how many times but her stories told me more than 10. So okay check this shit!
At one time while we were hanging out she had a socalled boyfriend. I laughed at this to her face because she just isn't girlfriend material not because of her weight but becuase she easy to sleep with. Now she was with this guy for a week. During this week span she had another guy eat her out and constantly grabbed my crotch. Not only did I feel uncomfortable but I also felt the need to get tested. Anyway he broke up with her within a week of being with her becuase we went to a house party and she spent the entire time with another guy. She also cock blocked me the several times as well. 
Ladies and gentlemen with all this said when she looks at me and says I can't believe you don't like you know what I know? I think you do! you all understand why I don't like her right? Okay cool not just me...when I told her I know what kind of person you are and we'd argue alot she said that sounds like an excuse...I told her I don't wanna be with you because I don't wanna be with some like you we'd argue too much that's not healthy and I don't think we should EVER be more than friends...she hung up and told me I killed all hopes and that she was moving on...she then proceeded to mess with an ex football closed... 
Also in the past few months I have managed to see my parents become divorced and see the true bitchness of my father. I gotta say that story is for tomorrow night! 


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Heliotropism said...

Awe, well, seems like you got your hands full in the lady, or skanky, department, LOL! These aren't women at all. They lack respect for themselves, their body.

Sounds like you are smart enough to see through the veil they created.

As for your parents, sorry to hear about that. But, divorce brings out the nasty side of people so don't (and I say this not knowing the situation) judge your father just yet. He could just be bitter out of being hurt. Again, I don't know the situation but I am speaking from what i have experienced in life when witnessing a divorce.


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