Monday, November 2, 2009

Dear Mom

The song playing on my page at the moment are the words from my mother. I gotta say she feels so much right now. Her heart is strong but I will say it does bleed. She doesn't want to do this alone but she has no choice.

Mom, this one I wrote just for you,
I understand you better than you may think I do.

Yes you have to be strong,
but who said strength means you are heartless?
Yes you have to stand on your own two feet,
but that doesn't mean you are tearless
Strength doesn't mean you don't cry
Strength doesn't mean you don't hurt
Strength doesn't mean you are fearless
Those who shed tears from their eyes
they are not weak, but merely tired from the work
Those who are strong bleed too, they aren't weak
No your tears are not anything less nor anything more
than words from your heart that your mouth dare not speak

-your son Jr

>>>[ Blame It On Me- Chrisette Michele]<<<

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Heliotropism said...

Oh this is beautiful and so true. I think a lot of people misconstrue what strength means. Strength doesn't mean pretending. It means recognizing your feelings, dealing with them, and growing from them. Your mom is lucky to have a son that understands what she is going through and willing to be by her side.


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