Sunday, November 29, 2009

Opening Pandora's Box

Opening Pandora's Box

A mistake I might add
Just by opening my mind
Allowing words to grace your drums
And drive your lovers mind mad
Why did I begin this time?
Why did I start this machines hum?
To see you squirm of course
Watch you shake and rattle some
While I am un-phased by your words
My mind won't stop asking why
Why, why, why did I open this?
For what reason did I really have in beginning this?
Hahahah man I finally get it
You see you were the box of misery
The dreadful case that caused me pain
Three years later after a full recovery
It is your peace of mind I came to claim
Revenge isn't my game nor dish
At least not to serve.
But sorry Pandora, in love one always gets what they deserve...

Case closed


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