Friday, November 6, 2009

Idk what to call this...

What do you know about heartbreak?

Oh man she left you? Gotta say, your luck-e!
She coulda took your soul, instead just one beat
Your heart jump over, as it learned the truth
Living where you are, you just aren't satisfied
Longed eyed as they say, watching candy painted rides
Devils in ya mind, patiently waitin,
See hate in ya heart as world stops hatin',
You grow impatient, boredum is the sound
As mother says an idle mind is the devils playground
So you start drug abusing, watch the world sizzle
Memories all a blur, brain's a drowned match, sadly watch it fizzle
Meds in the cabinet, every night grab em
Don't think you're a druggy but you know you gotta have em
Prescription made high, new testimony
Funny thing to you is it never costs you much money
Addict behavior cuz a family pain, and low self esteem
Not all cuz a girl and her painful deeds
Heartbreak over dreams
Pills don't fix it, they say time heals all
But yet I'm still bleeding,
WHY can't I fix this?
Head seems to spin, as weed stops burning,
For my brain sakes it was yesterday I decided to stop smoking
Bitches on my nuts? Yeah, but I could give a fuck
Seems all the women here want is to be like squirrels
So I give em my nuts (haha)

Nuff said


>>>[Make Her Say- Kid Cudi ft. Kanye West & Common]<<<
>>>[Closer- Kings of Leon]<<<

1 comment:

Heliotropism said...

LOL, that last line... the aches of the heart can wreak havoc... don't let it affect you... let yourself learn and grow!!


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