Saturday, November 28, 2009

What do I say?

Today I read a message in my inbox on facebook. Now I'm not hurting, crying, sad, upset, distraught or anything of that nature. Not even so much as heart broken. Although the words do seem to bother me a little. She said to me:

I have no fuckin clue what your talkin about. I have not felt the say about you way befor he died that was just the last thing i could take. I hate to tell you this but i dont think that i every loved you. I was happy with you but i was no in love. ****** never left the picture hassan never once. There were just a months that ****** did not get to call me. I will always love ****** and i will always be with ******. Im engaged hassan, I never felt heartbreak with you hassan, i wanted to love you like you loved me then but i knew i coldnt so i became even more angery with you. I dont know what you wanted out off this but im sorry to make it clear. i never loved you.
Two things:

-they can not make a clear sentence.

-horrid spelling i mean seriously computers have spell check

On to my point, I will make it clear not once did I say I wanted this person or to be with this person, nor did I say I wanted this person back. They are trying to make it seem like I want them, I DO NOT! But seriously how do you just say that to someone?

and WHAT THE FUCK was I say back to them???


On to my next thought, it kind of makes me wonder if anybody else ever felt or feels this way? Not particularly towards me but towards anybody? If so why on earth would you say the final words, "I never loved you."?

I don't know fuck closed


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