Saturday, November 7, 2009

Case closed casket shut

Case closed and Casket shut...

Aight today I'm back again. I have two new stories! Yay right. Just to let you know I hate women becuz of this situation. Okay okay I will admit I kinda set myself up for this. 
As of today I wrapped two people. Salvy and a new person biter.
First lemme close the casket on Salvy, I came thru and saw you today right everything cool. I will admit you kinda had me interested to see what you were gonna do. I mean you aren't very smart. I can tell this just from when you open ya mouth and let anything fly out. I am really tryna see if you gonna do what you say you gonna do. *smh* this unintelligent bird, okay when I'm chillin or whatever ya mans comes outside while im chillin wit ya brotha. Why the fuck do you go inside the minute he comes outside and sits? Like you act funny when I'm around and shit. That tells me I need to bounce this bird is gonna start some bullshit. I chill wit her mans and her brotha and drink a brew. Everything is straight I leave. At this time I go and see my favorite lil boys Daniel and Andrew. Afterwards I go see Biter. I'll speak on her in a lil bit. After I chill wit biter I come back to the crib and you hittin me up saying you wanna talk. Now I'm no dumby I don't like that you tryna get in my car and leave with me in front of him. I say fuck that walk ya ass up the block. I told ya ass from the jump I do NOT want no drama. So laugh at this, this bird decides to drive her car five houses up the damn street! I'm thinking you a dumb bird and you want me to get involved and I refuse to. I have her park her car and get in my car. We drive to a parking lot and she begins to rant again! I'm thinking for someone who keeps saying she don't give a fuck no more you continue to talk to me about it. Like you want me to be the man to come save you. Then I say to her wow that's messed up, yeah I feel you, as she rants about this nigga. Honestly I could careless about ya drama with this guy. She tells me he's controlling and all this shit and I'm like you need to kick him out ya house period. She says he ain't got no where to go and all this shit. Then the dumb bird fucks up, she says she told him to get out and all this she even, listen for it, hit up his friend and told him to tell ya man to break up with you. Okay MIRA, if he has friends obviously he has someone down here! Anyway I tell her yo clear ya inbox. I don't want no damn drama. She says you acting paranoid and shit just take me home. I'm like that's what it is? Aight. I take her back. She starts textin me bullshit. Real talk I tell her why are you choosing to pick a fight with me? You ain't really mad at me. So I say ttyl she has to get the last word. I swear I'm done with dumb birds! You obviously want me to step in, and I refuse to, I knew this was drama so peace birdie, case closed casket shut.

Now on to biter. Hahah I gotta say this broad is...well she's...idk...biter is this mulatto chick from Louisiana I think. She however is very proper not ghetto but very crazy. She's odd, qwerky even, even homicidal, and I strangly like it. She's a petite lil thing but has really large...well boobs lol. Now I am not one to be easily swayed to do anything but since I knew her in high school why not go see her? She called me while I was visiting my favorite lil boys. She said we should chill I'm like cool. I drive all the way to perimeter to see this chick. It was cool we went on a sorta kinda date. It was funny she's entertaining but I have a feeling she's tryna snagg me. We eat and everything and literally this chick is like spoon feeding my mind with sexual thoughts. It's like she wants me to want her. We went out to dinner before and I told her I love Hispanic women and she was offended. She basically thinks I hate black women, NOT TRUE! I would date and marry a woman of any race or ethincity. After she basically frisks me the whole night and makes comments about how she copped made feels on me all night which I noticed. She makes a comment saying how I was gonna have me a Hispanic wife lol I said what makes you think i don't want you? Lol silly broad spent two hours finding an answer to my question after we goof off in walmart. She's called biter because at dinner she told me she likes to bite until the person bleeds! WTF!!! I call her when I get home and she decides to answer my question and says you don't want me becuase you don't want to settle for second place or second as good, to be honest that kinda hurt. But hey it's cool I told her I'd date you. She went silent...idk what that means but what it does make me realize is her case is closed for one reason. Instead of saying something when she had the chance she went silent and then proceeded to say she doesn't want to be second place. She literally thinks I hate black women?! That's some bullshit! So fuck it on to the next one! Case closed...

I have an interesting attraction to this particular woman whom I'm seeing this Wednesday...codename Wonderland. Till next time...women wanna be squirrels so I just give em my


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