Tuesday, November 17, 2009




Your gravity is overwhelmingly powerful
It seems like as hard as I push you just pull
Pull me closer and closer to what I can never truly have
The beautifully bright star that you are
What you are is destructive times a half
You became a black hole a long time ago
Pulling me into your world with your smile
Attracting me with your gaze like a moth to a flame
I won't lie a shiver goes up my spine when I hear your name
When you walk past my heart skips to a beat after a while
It's crazy because I wish you knew I existed atleast
Because for you I'd walk from here to the far east
Yes just me with my bare naked feet
Yet you still don't even see me
I wish I were injured or dying just for your attention
That sounds crazy even to me when I read this back and listen
But I always ask myself why does this blackhole pull me in?
She's doesn't even know I'm here, why give in?
She's destructive Hazey let her go some how
But my heart always says ,what if I wanted you here right now?

*dear reader now read it backwards*


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