Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dear Guitar

Free Verse speech to ones self

Man I owe you an apology
for years I forgot you, no I forgot me
my greatest fear is to be forgotten...
Why should anyone care if even I forgot me?
The one who was so head strong and forward
Never broke down, never stalled or stuttered...
The past three years you've been living a lie
telling yourself these dark things, praying, wishing to die...
The insecurity...the pain...the...Speechlessness
The cracks in your shell.....your weaknesses
Things got so out of hand, so far from your control
That which you despised was in your grip, my hold
Now that I've woken up and seen the damage with both of our eyes
can I breakdown now? Can I now allow myself to cry?
Can I go back on everything I've ever felt and fall apart?
Can I play this tune and let the tears be notes and let the scars be my guitar?


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