Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I know You're Out There

I know you're out there
on a back porch somewhere
Staring at the moon in the summer nights air.
Hair blowing to the wind
Praying and begging God to find the strength within
If not that then help from a being in skin
Storm clouds rolling in, thunder and lightening.
You too find an attraction to power
The one nature uses in flowers
birds and bees and black rosaries.
You wish it would one day take you
Whisk you up above to a place of peace
To where your power is not an equal but unique
And the rules of love and pain can never be reversed.
Yes you can recall this to the last verse
Nobody knows the pain nor the hurt
Forever and Always, never came first


Here is a response by Daurie :)
And so you found me
Staring through a midst of trees
up at a pale moon shining down on me
It's light is almost painfully blinding yet it's equally beautiful in that the light is binding with the dark
and such is life
You're right
I prayed and asked God to find the strength within
and He sent me you "a being in skin"
and when the storm clouds roll in, I know who to call
Him who stood by me through it all
So I thank you for not only looking
and seeing through the pain that's yours
but for opening the doors that have been locked for years
and drying the the never ending tears
looking past and seeing me
setting the sparrow free


My response

Free Sparrow

I know you're out there free
Beautiful song bird singing to me
Night air is crisp but refreshing
Flap your wings in excite, just to express it
or to express this
The feelings that you had while being locked away
I came to your heart, brought the key, you ran astray
I feel alone and still trying to find you
Your song gives me direction, I walk as if I were blind to,
The fact that you seem to be so far away
I take twelve more steps and she flaps further away
Trying to grab a hold of you is so damn hard
Who knew falling in love could leave such scars


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