Sunday, August 9, 2009

Free Sparrow

I know you're out there free
Beautiful song bird singing to me
Night air is crisp but refreshing
Flap your wings in excite, just to express it
or to express this
The feelings that you had while being locked away
I came to your heart, brought the key, you ran astray
I feel alone and still trying to find you
Your song gives me direction, I walk as if I were blind to,
The fact that you seem to be so far away
I take twelve more steps and she flaps further away
Trying to grab a hold of you is so damn hard
Who knew falling in love could leave such scars



The Sparrow Speaks<--

As I waited for you patiently
my heart grew weary, my eyes so teary
Finally, you emancipated my soul
suddenly I was elated as a whole being
seeing everything in life
except you
once it was free it left you in the cold
and again looking for me
but can you hear me singing?
I'm calling for you and when winter turns to spring
you'll see
that I was always near never far
I was right there in your heart
Open your eyes and look around
open your ears and you'll hear the sound of my voice
You'll see that I've been there all along
you'll hear the love in my song
and as for the scars it can leave,
I know the pain
and together we will heal

-Daurie Bodyy

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