Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In The End


In the end this is what defeats me
the simple fact that I never meant anything
knowing after everything I was nothing
not something other than a phase
a scream, a cry for help
I was the one who was there on those long days
now its me who needs to be placed on a shelf?
To be forgotten and overlooked
to be taken for granted, bamboozled, fooled, shook?
No, na-uh, not me baby girl, things have changed
I have to say since I opened my eyes, shit ain't the same

Your words, once said
seemed like poison in my head
playing over and over, loud enough to wake the dead
Drowning you out with sleep and weed
Laughter amongst friends over a beer, yes indeed
A full recovery I deserve one, but no not you
I've said this before, my worst nightmares come true
through your pain, bad dreams, and more
To see you fall would be nice but a little twisted at best
I say this because you forgot me and everything that, well that is best
kept to me I guess
Gimme ten years and we'll see what happened to you and me, til then


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