Sunday, February 28, 2010

A weeks summary

This past week was interesting I'll say. I really wanted and even tried to reach out to those I've lost contact with. I went to church again, lol :]. So here's last week in the nut shelll

  • I didn't get a car yet,
  • I did however find a 76 camaro that I seriously am feigning for. Its a beautiful car. I have a few obstacles that I'd have to hurdle first with that car.
  • I am still car shopping.
  • I did however get some good news
I was so very frustrated with life itself. I know everyone has their own troubles but here are mine.

I was a part time worker who bust his ass 4-5days 35 hours a week for nearly 4 years for the few things he has to his name. A full time student,no children,no debt and most importantly no criminal record. I had a car that I used to work at that point I hated my job but so very grateful for it considering so many people out of work now. I was hoping since last year to get a decent tax return and be able to either upgrade to a newer car or fix all the problems I had with lucy. I get into a car accident and everyone throws me under the bus(I didn't however hit a bus, I hit fucking X5 BMW's biggest motor vehicle), I'm not a demon to the world, I work, I love, I laugh, I study(to a degree that best suits me lol), I attempt to stay on my path going in the direction that I see fit. The insurance company wont cover anything WHATSOEVER, My job wont do SHIT FOR ME, and im not sure if this lady will sue. I just recently got the police report and it further confirms that the accident was not my fault. So im guessing you are wondering WTF is the damn problem?
  • I lost my means of transportation to and from school.
  • and when you live outside 285 its hard to catch a bus considering that don't run anywhere near my house
  • meaning I no longer have a job
  • meaning i have no money to do anything making me completely dependent!
  • with no money to really buy a car im using what money i have from school and my taxes to find an inexpensive car but there's one issue with that

I have less than 3 grand. When you are shopping for a car under 3 grand its a dice roll. The chances of me finding a car that runs well and lasts long enough for me to find a new job is less than that of finding a car that wont just die on me the next morning. So with that said I'd been pretty frustrated all week considering I didn't ever see this coming, I have limited resources to get on my feet with. Especially since I pictured myself else where instead of where I am, so yes I was!

Then a good friend of mine said some kind words to me that reminded me of a familiar comfort. Anyway she said, you know itll work itself out and you'll get back on your feet soon. So yesterday,saturday, I saw the wonderfully beautiful camaro that looks just like bumble bee from transformers(not the new one the old one :] ) I saw it. Horrible interior! but 55,000 miles on the dash board, new intake, new engine basically, black on black with big tires on new rims.

Now on friday I had my lucy dropped off at my house, shes still fucked up and can only see out of one head light :/. I realized I could do a few things because when I was younger I was a bit of a gear head. I still to this day love cars and want to build one from the chassis up. I realized I have all of lucy's parts. I can move my cd player, my pioneer speakrs, I had a custom steering wheel in my room from my best friend mike, and I can send the fabric for the seats to my aunt and have her fix them for me.

ONE BIG Problem! no job to fill her up and keep insurance on her. I wen and filed for unemployment this week. From the looks of it. I should get it! Pero Nada Seguro!"nothings certian" I learned that the hard way! So if I can wait a week and cross myfingers that he doesnt sell her, I might be able to find a job or get a check from the DOL and be on my feet very soon!

Now before I got all excited I have to continue looking for cars because if he sells the car, im going to me and a lil heartbroken.

Now with that said my brothers basketball game was hilarious! We had signs, team cheering, we even boo'd the opposite team btw their 13-14. It was fun. I managed to accomplish a lot more than I thought this week.

As of next quarter I will no longer be a criminal Justice major. I'm changing my damn major again! :] I'm gong back to my heart, my soul, my passion, my life. Music. I know I know there are soooo many people that want to do music nowadays. I am not them though. I don't want fame, I don't want fortune. I want to complete that list on the RIGHT hand side over there thats it. If God blesses me with more than its a blessing(lol).

Anyway I went out on saturday again. I went to La rumba again. I had fun, of course, just someone crossed my mind. I've been wanting to call them so badly. Not to reestablish anything, not to start anything, but just because I miss them genuinely. I want them to be apart of my life. Shit happens and I can't be mad at them for the path that is their life. I texted them today, they never replied. You would take that as a hint right? They want nothing to do with me, or they were busy!(see benefit of the doubt). I don't know if its that I wish everyday that I heard from them or that it bothers me from a place deep down that I don't hear from them at all. Everyone has their own life and I completely understand that. Shit I forget to call people every day. I don't want them to commit anytime to speaking to me or even think I want them to speak to me everyday, everyweek, every month...NO! Once in a blue moon would just be nice. I miss them, and just wanna see how they are doing.

Aside from all this frustration to get back to being the man I should be, I am happier everyday. I won't lie I get mad, I get stressed, I get down, but I can't lie I am so very much happier deep down from this whole ordeal.

my parting words

to any woman who isn't reminded everyday
you are beautiful and everyway
you are a jem, precious but not a prize
love only those who love you with sinless eyes
open hearts, and honest words out and inside
You are a storm, power in its finest hour; an overcast
you make it rain, and I'm not talking about a rappers cash
not even the weather channel can predict that

Updates later

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Anonymous said...

Your friend is right, things will work themselves out, they always do. Sometimes you just have to be patient and open, even though it's hard. In the meantime, it's nice that you're having some fun to take your mind off of it a bit. <3


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