Friday, February 19, 2010

I don't want you

I don't want you

I like you, I love you
We click and flex
We match, we mesh
But it's all emotional
Lust is the driving force
I'm sorry but your face is optional
Not a choice for me of course
Heartless? Me? Why yes
Say what you must
Your not what I truly want
You turn me on only, so it's just lust
Don't ask me for what you want

I know this to be true
When I'm with you
My eyes still wander the room
No I never notice your new perfume
Your hand I don't want
Your love I don't need
Don't get me wrong the sex brings me to my knees
But if I found someone else, you wouldn't even hear from me
I may kiss you, I may hold you, I may even one day love you
But from the bottom of my heart, understand I will never truly want you

*I think everyone can relate to this one*

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