Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It seems as though I've stumbled on to a new problem. This kind of talk seems to follow me around from one woman to another.

"You make me wanna abandon my beliefs and fuck the hell outta you" seems as though I am not a man, Adam, so to speak. Instead of being Adam to Eve, I am the apple.

Temptation, lust, desire, primitive urges...

I honestly at one point loved that feeling. The ability to destroy and break down any wall in my path set in front of me by a woman. Now I wonder if that same ability is my down fall?

I don't know but for now it appears to be a problem, that will undoubtedly be the same reason I am single, regardless of how many women I sleep with...

Like seriously its fine if you like being a shiny tool that causes people to do anything and everything to get it. The sad part is when they get it, is it worth it?

So far what I've found out, doesn't prove that it is...

My question is, what now?

just a question

Okay so I just posted this and now I'm revisiting this with a quick side note.
I have a saying, "Great to have not to keep." Meaning I'm not a bad person to date, just a not a man you wanna marry. I'm not crazy or anything lol. Seriously! I'm not lol. I just know that I'm kinda like crack. You love me and can't stop yourself from indulging. When you do finally get control of yourself, you can never relapse....

I seem to always get the same luck with women...oh well...anyway just a bit of background info for you



T. The Destructor said...

Whatever LOL. I'd rather take a person who is my crack, than to have that bicycle-riding vagrant who is ON crack any day LOL.

I have the same problem though. In fact, you should read the blog I'm going to post in a little bit...its actually really funny you put this up here, when I am working the same post.

We are SO counterparts. Lost twin, I swear.

Anonymous said...

First of all, that is a great line... Didn't you just turn 20 or something though? You have that awesomely long list you still have to accomplish, do you really want to be tied down right now anyway? Or is it just that you want to know that you have that potential?

Because I'm telling you now that you do. Most 20-something boys have absolutely no introspection. But you get back what you put out, you know? I say live it up and let the rest come when it will.

Because most guys would be envious of this kind of thing...

HaS the Turtle said...

@T- haahaha i did...hilarious...but crack is one helluva careful we're many ways

@Jess- I'm the kinda guy whose family has a well written history of divorce and separation. I mean no one in my family stays married. I'd like to know that I have the potential to have a family and raise kids one day regardless of my genes past. I mean what's the point of having a great life if you can't share it with anyone? You are right many of my friends are that way. I wish I could be the same and accept it, but no I'm an overachiever *shrugs*

But yeah traveling the world alone wouldn't be too much fun you know especially if I have nothing to keep me grounded...


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