Monday, February 1, 2010

open heart surgery

IDK random has nothing to do with whats going on around me...
anyway enjoy :] I'll give you all an update sooner or later...BIRTHDAY IN 7 DAYS :]

Ladies and Gentlemen my hearts open
the drill used to cut through bone is still smoking
nothing can sedate me so my eyes are open
the doctors telling me what path he's chosen
through my hearts arteries hes already begun closin'
rerouting blood to places strategically woven
finally I black out and dream of nightmares
the painfully stabbing me places in there
as the light brightens
I enter a battle of two titans
Oso and Turtle constantly fighting the demon
The one who blurs my vision and yet I always see him
He's got revenge on his tongue and dice for eyes
shoulders made of steel with words made of lies
Deceit is his best meal, it feeds him well
from under his feet bloom flowers from hell
the kind that leave scars when tested or made
They never seem to win no matter how many times he's caged
He destroys friendships and bonds that should never be broke
skin as orange as the sun, murder on his chest, it written i quote
he is the demon in me as I awoke
I see things different people taking care of me with back handed grins
after they save my life they then
send me a bill, with a thanks a smile and name written in pen...

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Anonymous said...

Love the imagery here...and that last line made me laugh. Amazing.


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