Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our dreams, your love

Deep Breathe

I'm sitting back reflecting on my day and it's course. The ups and downs, the mountain highs and valleys below. The emotional roller coaster I'm riding in my day to day life.

I've come to a few conclusions. Since I'm a writer I'll express it the best way possible.

My memory serves me best
I guess
The words of the past
Seem to haunt me again
With your words in the wind
And your breathe on my heart
I look at the growth I've attained
And hope that with it I one day gain
The hope I've lost along the way
The pain everyone endures is deep
It scars from our head to our feet
Leaving traces of love in your stitches
To live in our dreams or live in your image
Is a goal we strive every day to reach
Some lose hope and are lost to the road
Some reach it fast, and some's pace is slowed
Some never reach it and are doomed to return
Through our dreams we strive for greatness
But me, I'm different I strive with patience
My worst fear was to be a forgotten memory to her
Now I look back and say why did I fear it?
Being in her memory, a stain, a punch, a kick!
If that's all I'll ever be, well that brings my heart comfort

Nuff said,

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