Wednesday, March 3, 2010

idk...yet again

its kinda like a story that the hood sung
any day spent above ground is a good one
and any gun that don't cram in a jam is good one
and if the freak is unique best believe shes a loose one
maybe just a fact but these words are for you
watch everybody even them niggas on the stoop
keep ya eyes open to the niggas in ya circle
they know too much, bes believe theyll hurt you
ya enemies aint dumb, so without a fight, wars won
and if that pussy talk stupid, just reply with ya gun
death aint the answer, its also not a threat
just a judgment call to keep them lames in check
I told Boogs from the X, hold me down with the teks
I got mean streak ye digg thats yet to be seen
with an eye of the wolf focused on my green
with the heart of the bear I grip everything here


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