Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just a few Updates

Feel free to leave a comment containing nothing but complete and utter laughter because even as I write this I'm laughing....

Ladies and Gentlemen I have finally found a car(my mom also got one too*shruggs*)

On Monday of this week I purchased my childhood dream car since I was like 6. When I was 6 my father bought me all kinds of things to accommodate his frequent absences, by the way it didn't help to much because when he was around he never wanted nor did he do anything but bitch and fuss, My family was a military family so I lived on Army bases or in towns near bases a lot. One of the many items I got was a yellow remote controlled car. It was a 95 mustang. To this day I still remember how cool it looked. Now 14 some odd years later I now own, with title, my very own 95 mustang 3.8L V6....lemme repeat that first part MUSTANG.

I love my car, nuff said. I think I'm gonna call her one of two things Bbz or DK. Bbz(pronounced bebez) just rolls off the tongue man. DK stands for Dark Knight for being black like the bat mobile and literally dark as NIGHT. What do you think?

She cost me $2300 not including the annoying pain in the ass things ive had to do to make her more awesome. On Tuesday I placed the rear struts.

Okay here's a good little story for you. To replace the struts on a car you have to relieve the pressure from the struts in order to remove them. Or else they will explode. Ladies and Gentlemen I knew I needed new struts but damn! When i attempted. to remove the struts they exploded on me anyway. The bolts on it were so old that the turned the nut they were attached to in unison. SO yeah I try to use bolt cutters, didn't work, I tried using penetrating liquid, didn't work I even tried clamping on end and spinning another, didn't work, I then had my neighbor; whom by the way I've lived across the street from going on about 4-5 years now and have never seen nor spoken to face to face before; to come helpe me remove this old bolt. Yeah he pulled out a fucking SAW and cut em off.



then didn't leave when the job was done just stood around with his saw in his hand as I removed the parts from my car and cleaned up. He was cool, minus the saw in hand and standing around creepily.

On wednesday I decided not to pull a DIY'er (do it yourself'er) I took it to midas to do my brakes because they made a weird pulling sensation in the rear. Yeah I did the struts right, the brakes however I don't fucks wit, lol. I waited their for about 4 hours. He replaced the rotors and checked everything else out for me as well.

So today ladies and gentlemen I am riding just fine. Perfect brakes, no sagging due to old struts. NADA. I fuck up and let the window down. It wont come back up. *PSSSHHH
I was like no sweat right it shouldn't be too hard to release the glass and pull it up right?? RIGHT? Wrong! I pratically wanted to shoot myself for that. So now I have a guy coming tomorrow to fix the window. Never mind that, heres the BEAUTIFUL PART ABOUT MY BELOVED CAR. I've put a radio in before not too too hard. Little did I know that the radio I have which pushes out more Wattage than the installed one the previous owner had in it, nope it blows the fuse to three, not one not two but three very important gages.

Now thank God its just a fuse, but man has it been tough so far. Rewarding! but tough. Today while heading to get my uncle from the train station going God knows how fast on the highway, and I mean that literally. I looked down and noticed my speedometer isn't working, my odometer is moving and my clock is off. So now I have no stereo, no milage, no speed reading, and I'm passing a police station and jail...

yeah...i bought fuses but this week has been tiresome.

much love to you all man


PS. if you can tell me Lucy is behind Bbz/DK in the garage :/

have a blessed weekend!


Alison said...

haha that's why it was such a good price! but i'm glad you were able to get a car. I have that same problem with my window....except we're still able to push it up though it takes at least a couple days to get it all the way up, depending on how far down it went.

Glo said...

psssshh! haha. that is great.
i always wanted a mustang convertable.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious. sounds like your car is a girl - she's making you work for it! So happy for you. Things are looking up!


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