Thursday, March 4, 2010

Until the end of time

I remember the way that summer smelled,
the fragrance still lingers in the air.
I still remember the color of your eyes,
and the way the appeared to care.
The words of love that tricked me,
and the knife you used to rip me apart.
Green eyes and red hair should've been a sign,
that you were poison from the start.
The song you played to make me believe,
that somewhere deep down you had what it would take.
You made me believe in hope and love again,
sadly you were always nothing short of a mistake.

-Until the end of time

to anyone who dares stroll down memory lane, do NOT expect NOT to trip and fall and NOT get caught up in the details...I read today that behind every guy or girl that has trust issues is an EX that made them that way. I gotta say that scar still hasn't fully healed. People amaze me, They say one thing and do another. I wonder if I'm the same damn way? In all honesty I probably am. Shit, I am human right? Cut me I bleed, give me air I breathe, open old wounds and I'll tell you a story.


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