Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dear World

Dear world

Dear world I gotta say I miss you
And everything that we went through
You are everything to me
Everyday giving me everything I need
More than just images and sounds to a beat
You were the hustle on my street
The love beneath my sheets
The poetry behind my speech
The awesome love in every single beat
Of my heart you were unique...
Dear world how I miss you
Understand that I'll never forget the things that we've been through
It's like I held the wheel you rode shotgun
To this day I'll never forget the songs you've sung
In my ears with sweet melodies
The height of your smile when the wind blew through your trees
When your mood changed it showed and danced in the leaves

Dear world you meant so much to me
Nothing and no one could ever replace you, you see
The universe has it's powers that be
But you and I can't be separated like the tide and the sea...
Dear world it's like you and I co-rule
Because even when you push I pull
The chemistry between is chaotic from the heart
Yet some how it's beauty is what creates that spark
Of flames in our veins that drives us to bend
Yet never break when it's more than we can take
Your grace is what creates women and men
And it's your soul that recreates what we seem to break...


*ladies and gentlemen if you don't know by now these are the songs that I'm listening to while writing*

>>>[ Yellow- Coldplay; Broken- lifehouse; Rewind-Paulo Nutini; Slow Dancing In A Burning Room- John Mayer; Rehab- Rihanna; Beautiful- Eminem; Broken Wings- Joe Budden]<<<

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