Wednesday, July 1, 2009

new found dreams

Man today realized I have some new dreams:
  • I wanna get straight As in school
  • I wanna get this job at titlemax
  • I wanna go to law school if I enjoy criminal justice program
  • I wanna own my own condo in atlanta
  • or atleast have a lease on an apartment
  • I wanna get back in shape
  • I wanna pursue my happiness once again
  • I wanna get a dog
Man there are sooo many things I wanna do with my life
its true he takes to give something better...I understand...
I miss her...but I understand

You know God is funny like that. Who knew a year ago I would be the one to pick your head up from crying in the mall as the world seemed to spin and your dreams crashed around you? Who knew a year later we'd end up where we began in the first place? Its like God answered my prayer but gave me a time limit to enjoy it. Its like he said here you go. Enjoy while you can, I have big plans for you. Taste your dreams and your happiness and remember what it feels like. You will have it again, someday hopefully. Although before you can truly have it, I need you to do what you came here to do. I'm destined for greatness I know I am. I'm destined to accomplish so many things in my life span and am going to accomplish many of my self determined goals. I will reach them. I want to see the proud look on my mothers face when she introduces me or talks about me. I wanna see the look of pride in my fathers eyes when I go the distance they know I can go. I'm going to get there. Its just one day and one prayer at a time.

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