Thursday, July 16, 2009

tearing me apart

I'm silent/
resilient and hell bent/
my heart has been wasted/
spit out after tasted/
No words from my mouth/
the muscle from the south/
pumping and squirting blood out/
yes in deed I have been here before/
Three different chalk lines/
Three different bodies and more/
The motives were different/
The intentions weren't given/
Stab wound to the upper right ventricle/
Bullet wound to the other side, symmetrical/
Last entry wound is unidentifiable/
replaceable with different objects, the evidence is undeniable/


glo said...

tearing me apart. this is so raw and vivid. almost like a mystery. thanks for inviting me here.

Tellie said...

ouch. sorry you had to go through that. it happens to all of us.

P.S. Found you via 20sb


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