Saturday, July 4, 2009

More Movies :)

Okay so now that I've decided to watch the trailer and am a little frightened by this.
is also my class graduation date damnit!
Click the link and watch the video!

Lion's Den o Leonera- its in Spanish but sense I can tell what they are saying without reading the subtitles its cool with me :) and the song in the background is hilarious

Matt Damon- The Informant- looks freaking hilarious

A woman in Berlin- Okay looks great but seeing as how I DO NOT speak Russian or German for that matter subtitles would definitely help me with this movie

Five minutes of Heaven
- ehh...if you want to see it you can

Captain Abu Raed
- touching story

Ponyo- Looks like a future childrens classic

The Windmill Movie- What if someone wrote your autobiography? 200 hours of footage, dusty boxes of film, a broken editing computer: these were the pieces of filmmaker Richard P. Rogers’ daring attempt to make his own autobiography. He died in 2001, leaving a lifetime of filmed memories, until his student and protégé, Alexander Olch began making a movie out of the pieces. Writing in his teacher’s voice, working with with Wallace Shawn, Bob Balaban, and Richard’s wife - acclaimed photographer Susan Meiselas - Olch steps into his mentor’s shoes and his past - to make a film that was impossible to make. An autobiography, that isn’t. A documentary which is fiction. A lifetime of questions, finally answered.

thats all for now I suppose....

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