Sunday, July 12, 2009

The path that runs west of the moon and east of the sun

The path that runs west of the moon and east of the sun

If you are taking the path in between I guess I'll head towards the moon/
At least there I can see the stars and make it monsoon/
The galactic universe at my finger tips/
Rearrange the stars into the shape of her lips/
Pull the black holes into the shape of her eyes/
Grabbing supernovas and twist them into her smile/
Reshape the storms into the flesh of her face/
Find a way to bring back her smell and her kiss her slow/
Grab her by the waist and hang on to her thighs/
Let the flavor of her soul linger for a while/
And settle down on a distant moon some place/
Stare at my creation and feel her glow/
Feel the love she once had for me/
Feel complete once again as she drifts into sleep/
Gaze at her on my shoulder as we cruise the stars/
The nights still young and my heart's still full, dear God this feeling is the only one that makes feel free to once again drift to sleep/


1 comment:

Kelvin Oliver said...

I liked this poem. It seems like the world and people are wonderful. This poem is not rough and though but it seems peaceful and describes the different things of the sky to have humanistic characteristics.


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